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According to the well-known theme tune, everybody needs good neighbours, and nothing is guaranteed to upset those in the immediate vicinity more than disruptive building works. Noise, dirt and the constant coming and going of building materials and vehicles can cause complaints from even the friendliest of residents. And if the work in question affects a neighbour’s property too, tempers can get decidedly frayed.

Building work that affects party walls is a case in point. The definition of a party wall is a wall that forms part of a building and stands on the land of more than one owner by more than its footings, or one that separates buildings belonging to different owners. In the first case, the whole wall is a party wall. Where a wall separates two buildings, only the part that is used by both properties is considered to be a party wall. The rest belongs to the person on whose land it stands.

Extensions, damp proofing works and internal refurbishment or structural alterations may all include work on a party wall and because what you do to your side of the wall may affect the other side, in many cases the consent of your neighbours is needed before work can start. In some cases, excavating or constructing foundations for a new building within six metres of neighbouring properties will also require consent.

At Jenner Jones Party Wall Services we have extensive experience in Party Wall legislation and we can offer advice for both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner. We are currently instructed by private clients, managing agents and a range of housing associations.

As all projects are different, contact us as soon as building works are being considered or you receive notification that impending works are due next door – or even if building Works start on the Party Wall or close to you, if you haven’t yet received notification.

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